Painters bluff in Arkansas.


Painters bluff in Arkansas.

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Andy Taylor said that…


Andy Taylor said that…


I just rewatched this last night and the love between them was so lovely.

This movie is ridiculously charming and fun. It’s easy for me to watch it repeatedly and I recently figured out why.

When Albert is “Mrs. Coleman” in the third act, Nathan Lane is doing an impression of my late mother. It’s uncanny.

I’m sure most of you have heard the story of the man who, desperately ill, goes to an analyst and tells the doctor that he has lost his desire to live and that he is seriously considering suicide. The doctor listens to this tale of melancholia and then tells the patient that what he needs is a good belly laugh. He advises the unhappy man to go to the circus that night and spend the evening laughing at Grock, the world’s funniest clown. The doctor sums it up, ‘After you have seen Grock, I am sure you will be much happier.’ The patient rises to his feet, looks sadly at the doctor, turns and ambles to the door. As he starts to leave, the doctor says, ‘By the way what is your name?’ The man turns and regards the analyst with sorrowful eyes. ‘I am Grock.’

Groucho Marx

From his book, Groucho and Me

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Here’s a thing.

My job has me a little down. It’s a temp gig and I started it a few months ago and I’m not planning on keeping it forever; temp jobs have a way of abruptly canceling, but my point is, my girlfriend gave me the nicest pep talk tonight. Along the lines of “It won’t last forever. You’ll find something else, but it’s now, and you are doing well (job performance). You are doing what you have to do, and that’s great.”

Stuff like that.

Loving, emotional support—-we talk about the physical aspects of lurv and all the rainbows, puppies, and unicorns and shit, but someone who is On Your Side in a healthy way….that is tremendous and wonderful.

I love my girlfriend very much, and, tomorrow, we will have been together five months.

I’m a lucky man. Ain’t no doubt.

My girlfriend is hot as fuck.

Carry on.







Ok, so I figured that perhaps not everyone is aware that this is available to use now, especially the younger folk out there.

This is OraQuick, and it is an FDA-Approved, in-home HIV test that provides results in about 20 minutes. I’m not sure about the availabilty of this product (or similar ones) in other countries, but in the U.S. you can purchase these at Walgreens for a mere 35 bucks, and you can even have them delivered to your door for complete anonymity.

Reading the results is easy. One line you are negative, two lines you are positive.


Why is this important? Well I know for a fact that a lot of guys say they are HIV negative without really getting tested, or they base that on some really old test result. There is no excuse now. You can get this in the mail if you want, and know for sure in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Its good peace of mind. And if you meet someone new and you are planning on playing around, its an easy and cheap thing to do to know where you guys stand. It builds trust right off the bat. Being safe is not just about wearing a condom. Its a combination of many things like trust, knowing the person, closeness, and being a good judge of character. Now on top of that you can keep up with your HIV status on a regular basis. :)

This is important for people to know, I never knew it existed

This is how my boyfriend and I tested before we started bareback in together after being with each other for 3 months. It’s super easy.

I know that it’s scary, believe me, I don’t practice risky behaviors and my anxiety was through the roof. It’s so important though you guys.

They even give you a non-descript bag to dispose of everything in.

I’m glad this is going around. :) Spread the word.

It’s also important to note that this is an oral swab test, so there’s no need to fear if you’re scared of needles! Know your status. Stay safe. 

Reblogging because every single person who has ever had sex or is planning to have sex needs to be aware of their sexual health.

It is really important for people to know their HIV status, not just those in the LGBT community.

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Four months ago today….

My life started changing, not for the better, but for the fantastic. We are still in love and shit.

I did things in my 30s that were ignored by the world, that could have been quickly labeled a failure. Here’s a classic example; in 1974 I did a movie called Phantom of the Paradise. Phantom of the Paradise, which was a huge flop in this country. There were only two cities in the world where it had any real success: Winnipeg, in Canada, and Paris, France. So, okay, let’s write it off as a failure. Maybe you could do that.

But all of the sudden, I’m in Mexico, and a 16-year-old boy comes up to me at a concert with an album - a Phantom of the Paradise soundtrack- and asks me to sign it. I sign it. Evidently I was nice to him and we had a nice little conversation. I don’t remember the moment, I remember signing the album (I don’t know if I think I remember or if I actually remember). But this little 14 or 16, whatever old this guy was… Well I know who the guy is now because I’m writing a musical based on Pan’s Labyrinth; it’s Guillermo del Toro.

The work that I’ve done with Daft Punk it’s totally related to them seeing Phantom of the Paradise 20 times and deciding they’re going to reach out to this 70-year-old songwriter to get involved in an album called Random Access Memories.

So, what is the lesson in that? The lesson for me is being very careful about what you label a failure in your life. Be careful about throwing something in the round file as garbage because you may find that it’s the headwaters of a relationship that you can’t even imagine it’s coming in your future.

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